Weatherhead & Banjo Fittings

What is weather head fitting?

Weather head&banjo fittings are one of the most widely used types of Pipe fitting which are used for various distinctive purposes. They are normally used in vehicle’s hydraulic brakes, steering and fuel tanks and lines as well. It is basically an elongated pipe-shaped rod which is slightly bent from the end, which provides easy fitting and convenient use. Weather head fittings are usually made of up high-grade stainless steel along with a mix of copper, brass, aluminum,and iron.

Advantages of weather head fittings:

Weather head fittings are really advantageous in many aspects. Some of which are listed below.

Weather head fittings provide higher pressure ratings which means that they have the ability to resist high pressure easily. No matter what pressure the liquid or gas has,weather head fittings can easily resist the pressures.
Secondly, it is designed exclusively to tolerate high-temperatures as well. Its improved working temperatures make it perfect for different purposes. These fittings can easily resist high and really low temperature without damaging.
The third and final advantage of the weather head fittings is that they are better abrasion resistant. These fittings won’t wear out quickly and can resist wearing even when in contact with other things.

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