Tube Fittings

What are tube fittings?

The main purpose of designing a tube fitting is that it makes connecting pipes easier and a lot more convenient. These are available in different forms and inimitable designs. The three most common types of tube fittings are;

  • Two ferrule tube fittings
  • single ferrule tube fittings
  • dual ferrule tube fittings

These tubes were specifically designed in three different shapes to make sure that they perfectly intermix and fit in different pipes making connections easier.

The material used to design the fitting:

The material generally used to design these fittings is stainless steel. Along with which alloys are also used, aluminum, copper, iron, and brass are some of the most common metals used to design the tube fittings.


The three main benefits of these tube fittings are;
The first reason why these fittings are the best is that they have the capability to resist really high pressures. An average tube fitting can also resist the pressure of almost 12,100 psig which is really more than enough.
Other than the temperature, these tube fittings are also capable of resisting high temperatures. Most of the tube fittings can actually resist temperature range from -425 to 1200 degree Fahrenheit.
Moreover, the size of the fittings is exceptional too. The main reason why these fittings are the best and easy to use is mainly that of its appropriate sign.

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