Toggle Valves

What is Toggle valves?

Toggle valve is fast acting and positive on/off control of media applications which are specially designed to control media application in moderate temperature and as well as high pressure. It comes in two models, one is manual and other is pneumatically actuated models which have theexclusive feature of opening and closing plus having models in stainless steel and brass with avariety of connections and configurations. When comes to pressure handling it’s the valve you need as it can handle up to 300 psi and temperature up to 200°F.

2-way toggle valve:

Pnuemadyne´s versatile 2 position toggle valve is a good performer at tough applications as it’s highly reliable in performance when it comes to challenging pneumatic applications. Its body is made of aluminum bodies which are black anodized finish and is designed for wear resistance plus stainless steel protection.

3 Way toggle valves:

This is a three-way toggle valve with two positioning toggle control valve. It is ideal to use easy to handle and maintain. It’s designed to control small cylinders or for spring return pneumatic actuators. It is very easy and flexible to use as when to put it in one position then just simply push the toggle and when to switch it back just push it back so it will switch back. It’s often used in cab mounts in water trucks.

Advantages of Toggle valve:

  • heavy duty models
  • easy to use
  • ideally designed for applications
  • can bear high pressures and temperatures
  • made as wear resistance
  • the high flow rate

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