SAE Flareless Tube Fittings

SAE flareless tube fittings are also known as bite type tube fittings whose design has been used for over sixty years worldwide in numerous applications in air, on theground or at sea. These are manufactured in accordance with the Department of Defense specification and with thesociety of Automotive engineers.

Shapes of SAE flareless tube fittings

  • L-shaped
  • T-shaper
  • Vertical-shaped
  • Horizontal-shaped

Features of SAE flare fewer tube fittings

  • Temperature ratings: Alloy 400 to-65° to 800°F, Stainless steel: -425° to 1200 °F
  • Body material of tube fitting: 316SS, Alloy 400
  • Sizes: 1/8 to 2 inch
  • Working pressure up to 6000psig

Importance of SAE Flareless tube fitting

SAE flareless tube fitting is a comsists of three main components namely; nut, ferrule and the body that forces the ferrule to create a seal along the tube.Flareless fittings don’t need any type of flaring operation and can be used for various types of tubings.
Use of SAE flareless tube fittings
SAE flareless tube fittings are ideally designed for various systems as it is the best fitting system for them and users don’t need to flare the tube. Forstrong hydraulic systems, these tube fittings are recommended over another flare fewer tube fittings because they are specifically compressed and instrumental. The tubings also give a superior hold power and also shock power. Similar to theother metal tubing systems, the tube fittings are limited to anumber of assemblies and reassembles which is why tubing isenduring.

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