Quick Connectors

What are quick metal connectors?

The quick metal connectors are specifically designed for laboratory equipment for example sampling systems, various pharmaceutical applications,and calibration etc. The quick metal connectors are usually made up of metals like 316 stainless steel and brass. Moreover, the other metals used for its formation are iron, copper,and aluminum. These plugs are available in two categories consisting of a plug which is a male ended connector and a jack which is a female ended connector.

Special features of quick metal connectors:

These metal connectors are resistant to every kind of temperature, that is, low and high both. It can easily resist temperature as low as – 23-degree Centigrade and as high as 204-degrees Centigrade. This makes the efficient for several different types of purposes.

Since they are made up high-strength metals, therefore, they are really durable and long-lasting. They are perfect for both laboratory use as well as industrial use.

Moreover, they are also resistant to corrosion and rust. No matter how long you use, they will certainly last for a long duration of time. Cleaning these quick metal connectors is also really simple. Apart from this, uncoupling and coupling of the quick metal connectors are effective if done at room temperature.

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