Purge Valves

What is a purge valve?

The purge valveis a part of an Evaporation Emission Control system. It is basically electrically controlled solenoid operated with the help of an engine’s computing system.It doesn’t allow the vapors to escape into the air. When the engine is on the purge valve is open and vice versa.


The exact specifications of the purge valve are as follows:

  • It has a working pressure of up to 4000 psig (275 bar)
  • The temperature on which it works perfectly is -65 to 600 degree Fahrenheit (-53 to 315-degree centigrade).
    The materials used to manufacture this purge valve are 316 stainless steel, brass, and carbon steel Poppet, Ball Material 316 and stainless steel.
  • How does the purge valve work?

    As discussed earlier, the purge valve is installed in the Evaporation Emission Control System which prevents the vapors to escape in the air. The purge system mainly consists of a valve and a container. The material used to make the container is charcoal. The opening beneath the charcoal container allows the air get inside. The charcoal container traps the particles of fuel which are sucked into the intake manifold.

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