Pipe Fittings

What is a pipe fitting?

Pipe fittings are the most widely used for developing a connection between straight pipes in order to allow the fluid to pass through it. These fittings can also be used for tubing sections as well as various plumbing purposes. They are available in loads of different shapes and sizes which makes it easier to connect different sections of a tube.

The material used to design the pipe fitting:

The most commonly used material to design the pipe fitting is high-grade stainless steel. This material makes the pipes sturdy, durable and perfect for long-lasting use. Other than this galvanized steel and malleable iron are also some of the material used for designing the pipe fittings.

Commonly used pipe fittings:

Since there are several different types of pipe fittings meant for distinctive purposes, therefore naming a few most commonly used ones is always worth it.

  • Elbow pipe fitting
  • Coupling pipe fitting
  • Union pipe fitting
  • Nipple pipe fitting
  • Reducer pipe fitting
  • Double tapped bushing style pipe fitting
  • Cap styles pipe fitting

All of these are the different types of fittings used for different purposes. Some prevent the backflow of a liquid, some connect two un-even pipes and others are used for plumbing purposes. All of these are effective in their own way.

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