Oil and Gas Refining Solutions

At KP-LOK Houston Inc., we manufacture oil and gas fittings that are used in both the upstream assessment and manufacture, along with the downstream sanitization and supply of natural gas and oil products. Our needle valves, compression fittings, relief valves, CNG components, ball valves, check valves, instrumental manifolds, bleed valves, metal hoses, instrumental valves, and tube fittings can be seen on LNG equipment, CNG equipment, onshore drilling rigs, and floating platforms.

The fittings we manufacture are also used for oil and gas purification and processing, particularly in processes such as POX, oxygen enrichment, heterogeneous oxidizing, gas/liquid reactions, and fluid catalyst cracking.

Materials and Gases Handling

Our products can handle many types of materials and gases in the manufacturing of different products like liquid fraction and gas fraction. Furthermore, we offer help with the effective management of industrial gases, those include carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and oxygen. These gases are utilized for synthetic processes in a variety of gas and oil refining applications.

Apart from the applications mentioned above, our fittings are also utilized in oxidizing processes. These procedures are highly advantageous in surplus gas treatment, air density backup, increased plant capacity, and enhanced flexibility in a plant’s functionality.

The materials we use to manufacture fittings mostly include brass, stainless steel, and carbon steel. Furthermore, we also use specialized materials such as Titanium, Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel, etc. These materials are suitable for strict requirements of oil and gas industry.

We at KP-LOK Houston Inc. are proud to offer the best product quality at affordable prices with excellent customer service in the industry. View the table below to learn more about our gas and oil fittings. You can also look for a KP-LOK distributor near your region if you need further details about our products.

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