NVMF Series Bonnet Needle Valves

The bonnet needle valves is available in different options and is made with various kinds of highly durable material which is completely resistant to rust. The quality of our valve is high and they are available in various sizes depending on the requirement of the customers. It can be used for controlling the high flow of water;they are durable in nature and reliable in performance. The material used is also waterproof and long lasting.

It provides a reliable and consistent flow in general appliances and several service applications with bonnet needle valve and there are various kinds of materials, sizes, designs as well as end connection.


  • Body materials: Stainless steel 316 or 304
  • Connection size:1/8,3/8,1/4,1/2,3/4 to 1 inch
  • Cleaning process: Standard cleaning and packaging
  • Max temperature with pressure:1200 degree Fahrenheit at 1715 PSIG
  • Flow pattern: Straight (two directions )
  • Handle style: Aluminium bar
  • Lubricant: Perf. Polyether
  • Orifice: 0.437 inch
  • Packing: Grafoil
  • Stem tip material: Cobalt based Alloy
  • Room temperature Pressure rating: 5800 PSIG at 100 degree Fahrenheit


  • Pressure up to 10000 psi,15000 psi,20000 psi,60000 psi
  • Temperature to 400F
  • Panel mountable
  • Live loaded chevron style packing
  • Packing Material Grafoil
  • 0.25 to 0.5 end connection
  • Stainless steel construction

Typical Uses

One of the sectors where it is used is the oil and gas sector where it is used for offshore or onshore production in the upstream, storage, compression of natural gas as well as transport in the midstream as well as petrochemical and refineries in the downstream. It can also be used in the chemical industry for the following: flue gas desulfurization plants, Nuclear power plants, conventional power plants. It can also be used for cement plants, steel mills, seawater desalination plants as well as waste incineration plant

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