NVFF Series High Pressure Valve

The high pressure needle valves with adjustable gland packing provides accurate closing as well as regulation of even the smallest flow rates. It can be used in industrial system in which flowing liquid or gaseous media has been shut off. This can be done under pressure and the direction of flow will be indicated by an arrow.

high pressure needle valves

They are developed so as to have an easy and safe plumbing via 60,000 psi; the needle valves are of high standard and reputable quality. The high pressure valves also use a cone and thread connection which accommodates the high pressures common in these applications. A non rotating tip stem are standard for on-off service and ensure long life of the valve seat.


It is suitable for different kinds of applications like water-blast, petrochemical, water-jet, research, oil and gas, and chemical industries. The valve makes use of a design which iscloned and threaded so as to provide a leak tight connection which is perfect for liquid and gases services. You can likewise complement these valves with the aid of tubing, line fittings, as well as accessories.


  • The high pressure needle valve is used in high pressure systems and water blast applications


  • Hydraulics
  • Water blast


  • End connection:ASME BI, NPT threaded
  • DIN 2999 and BS21: ISO 228/1 and ISO 7/1
  • Operating pressure (maximum): 6000 PSIG at 100 degree Fahrenheit
  • Operating Temperature: Ranges between -60 to 450 degree Fahrenheit
  • Fireproof Design
  • Non-rotating, hardened needle design for durability and leak prevention
  • Panel mount


  • Tubing sizes from 0.25 to 1 inch
  • Maximum flow area for value in high-pressure applications
  • Non-rotating stem prevent seat or stem galling
  • Engineered and design packing for reliable sealing metal-to-metal seating for longer seat life and excellent corrosion resistant.
  • Bee or regulatory tip stem
  • Available in up to five body patterns
  • Panel mount

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