Metering Valves

What are metering valves?

Metering valves are mainly installed in the car braking systems which controls the flow of the fluid from the master cylinder which controls the front discs brake. It helps in making accurate adjustments in low-high pressure and high, medium and low metering valves. The material mainly used to design the metering valves is high-quality stainless steel.

How do metering valves function?

Metering valves are typically installed in the car’s braking system. Cars usually have disc brakes in the front wheels and drum brakes in the rear wheels which is why these metering valves are really important part of a car’s braking system.

It mainly controls the fluid flow from the master cylinder causing the drum brakes to engage. This makes it easier for the car to apply the brakes rather than nose diving. It is really important mainly because it controls the fluid flow.


There are several advantages of the metering valves, some of which are;

  • The metering valves are the fine flow adjustments. Metering valves are used for fine flow control of the fluid.
  • It improves the braking systems of the cars.
  • Since the metering valves are attached to the braking systems, therefore it is an important part of a car’s braking system which controls the brakes easily.
  • can bear high pressures and temperatures
  • made as wear resistance
  • the high flow rate

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