Single Block and Bleed valve

With the aid of our products, you can easily achieve isolation when maintaining a live process plant. This consists of a block and bleed valve which are fabricated as a single unit and can be installed easily for the purpose of isolation. The single block and bleed valve is specially designed with high quality materials which aid ease of usage and also helps in achieving greater result, it is compact, can be easily handled and suitable for various purpose. The design includes color codes which make it easy to use, external adjustable glands as well as various connections which are available.


  • Tee bar with easy maneuverability with a little effort
  • PTFE packing standard with graphoil (optional)
  • Color coded functionality
  • Adjustable gland (external)
  • Stainless steel material is used as standard construction material but there are optional material
  • Different kinds of terminal connections
  • Presence of dust cap to guide against contaminations by dust.


  • The pressure is about 10,000 Psi
  • Temperature rating PTFE packing from -73 to +200 degree Celsius
  • Temperature rating Graphoil packing from -54 to +510 degree Celsius
  • Standard orifice diameter of 4.0mm
  • Standard 316L stainless steel material


A single double block and bleed manifold valve can be used in various kinds of applications which may include mobile machineries to heavy industrial equipment which are used in oil and gas industries. Whenever it is included in a fluid control regulation system, the presence of valve manifold has shown an increase in efficiency as well as reduction in the energy costs. Other benefits which can be derived include the following:
A shorter path flows which helps in the reduction of pressure drop and heat fluctuations, thereby improving the overall energy efficiency of the system.

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