Integral DBB valve

There is need for maintainable and verifiable shut off in a safety critical applications, integral double block and bleed valves have been widely used for the primary and secondary tight shut off so as to provide and ensure the integrity of the system. The use of double block and bleed valve has been widely used for providing an effective shut off.

The kind of double block and bleed valve has a single or side entry body design with dual plug valve which has a bleed installed in between the two main line valves. This kind of valve is available in soft seated style and bi-directional in metal seated so as to shut the system. It is usually used to replace the existing techniques which are used in most liquid and gas applications.


There are several applications of integral block and bleed valve in the service industry, some of which include: Instrument drain, gauge isolation, double block and bleed instrument isolation, sample connections, chemical injection connection, instrument interface, chemical seal instrument isolation, remote mounting of instrument as well as mounting of instrument directly.

The Benefit of integral block and bleed valve include:

  • The valve has a compact design with a reduced weight and height.
  • It helps to reduce the leakage points in the pipeline and limit the effect of system vibrations.
  • It does not require supporting bracket and the bending moment is reduced which acts on the vessel branch fitting weld
  • The cost of installation is reduced,
  • There is reduction in the bolting and gaskets.


The market where the valves can be found includes: Compressor manufacturers, control panel manufacturers, contractors in power industry, petro-chemical, refining, chemical, onshore terminals as well as offshore and gas production.


  • There is rolled stem thread which prevent galling
  • There is stem packing with graphite to effect bubble-tight seal
  • Bolted bonnet provide reliability and strength
  • There is durable stem tip

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