JIC Fittings

What are JIC fittings?

JIC fittings are usually also known as Joint Industry Council Tube Fittings which are basically liquid connectors normally used in hydraulic systems. The metalsused to design these fittings are high-grade stainless steel, alloy, and brass, copper,and iron. All these materials are high-strength which can easily resist high and low temperatures and pressures.

How do JIC fittings (SAE J514 fittings) work?

The main three components of JIC fittings are sleeve, nuts,and body.
They mostly depend on metal-to-metal contact between the fitting nose and flared tubing which eventually forms a seal. These seals prevent excessive leakages in a hydraulic system. After the fitting nose and flared tubing is hauled together, the sleeve of these fittings start to support the fittings. These compressing load which is usually caused by the nuts while it is strung on to the fitting body.

Applications of JIC fittings:

There are several distinctive applications of the JIC fittings among which some of which are:
They are used in several military applications. They are identical to army-navy fittings mainly because they were less expensive.
Moreover, these fittings can easily resist high temperatures and pressures which is why is also perfect for industrial purposes and chemical factories.
Other than this, these JIC fittings are used in hydraulic systems by providing seals which eliminate leakages and outflows.

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