Forged Globe Valves

What is a Y globe valve?

Y globe valves are the type of valve which is mainly used to provide the protection of the water piping in between the economizer and the feed water heaters. A water globe valve is designed with the latest technology equipment which makes it one of the most efficient valves. These valves are mainly used where large volumes of pressures need to handle at really high temperatures and pressures.

Features of the y globe valve:

There are several distinctive features of the y globe valve which distinguishes it from other valves. These features include:

  • Low-pressure drop
  • Fine resistance to thermal changes
  • Quick and easy repair in the line
  • Seat integrally satellite
  • Disc fully guide and renewable disc guide bushing
  • Drop-tight and shut-off
  • Easy to disassemble
  • class 4500

Parts of a Y globe valve:

The main parts of the Y globe valve include all the following things.

  • Body: This is the main pressure containing the structure of the valve.
  • Bonnet: It provides the leakproof closure for the valve.
  • Disk or a plug: Closure part of the valve.
  • Stem: functions as a connector from the actuator to the inside of the valve.
  • Cage: it mainly surrounds the plug and is located inside the body of the valve.
  • Seat: It provides the stable and replaceable shut-off surface.

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