Hydraulic fittings

To meet the industry requirements with the high material, hydraulic fittings are specially designed for this purpose, also for SAE and DOT. They are ideally tested to work for high pressures, made of stainless steel with theability to work long and no leakage at all. They are also rust free.

There are different types of hydraulic fittings according to their usage and gives 100% performance. They are faster and have more compact assembly spaces which have prominent factors in current and future production of machine designs.

We are USA Hydraulic fittings manufacturer for 20 years,please check our hydraulic fittings bellow:

Importance of hydraulic fittings

Hydraulic fittings are manufactured in highest quality as per demanding environments and applications, as they are designed for high fluid power applications, hydraulic fittings meet or exceed SAE J11453 and ISO 8434-3 standards.


Hydraulic fittings have its exclusive feature of stainless steel which prevents hydraulic fittings from corrosion as standard steel is used which is AISI 316 grade of steel designed to resist corrosion and rust. Furthermoreits also leak proof as it is with an elastomeric O-ring which vanishes hydraulic leak.
Thus hydraulic fittings are best of quality to use in industries giving also the feature of rust free and don’t break so chance of leakage is no worry. This product is highlyrecommended,

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