Double Block & Bleed Needle valve

The double block and bleed needle valves has a design which provide a single valve that simultaneously isolate the downstream and upstream systems, it likewise ensure the integral of the isolation is verified by venting the body.

This purpose of the valve is to stop process from upstream getting into the downstream. It will provide provable aero leakage for the segregation and transfer of product. This kind of valve have two seating surface which when in close position will provide a seal against pressure coming from the upstream and would allow the bleeding of the body cavity between the two seats.
The double block and bleed valves are designed so as to provide a tight closing and also prevent leakage. They are perfect for aviation fuelling, multi-product manifolds, product metering, blending, product isolation, lockout, tanks storage as well as other applications.


  • Materials: Duplex, CS, SS, and other exotic materials
  • Ball Valves – 0.39”
  • Temperature (max): 1,000°F
  • Instrument Valve Bonnet – 3/16”
  • Connections: Threaded,NPT,BSPT,female or male, flanged other kinds of specialized bolted connections
  • OS&Y Valve Bonnet – 1/4”
  • Pressure (max): 10,000 psig


  • Vent and drains
  • Isolate a relief valve on large storage tanks
  • Chemical injecting and sampling points
  • Instrument isolation points


  • This valve combines a compact design with strength and this helps to reduce potential leak path when compared to the conventional designs.
  • There is flanged connection on the inlet and outlet which is of various sizes as well as rating to suit different applications.
  • There is a threaded outlet connection which helps in the prevention of accidental loosening of the connection in service.
  • These isolation valves are précised and perfect for high performance pressure and temperature ratings.
  • The needle valves are designed and tested to fire safe standards so as to ensure the leakage of bubbles.
  • There is an option of various connections which include bolt-on outlet option; this is perfect for dual connections, welded connections as well as chemical injections.

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