Cryogenic Valves

At KP-LOK Houston Inc., we manufacture and supply high quality Cryogenic valves that can be used in a variety of systems such as beverage carbonation systems, LNG services, and cryogenic containers.

KP-LOK cryogenic needle valves and cryogenic ball valves meet the most stringent requirements of challenging temperature and pressure uses for numerous industries, including chemical/petrochemical processing, pharmaceuticals, gas and oil, beverage processing, industrial manufacturing and more.

High-Quality Cryogenic Products

KP-LOK’s superior manufacturing capabilities and advanced technology allow us to ensure durability, reliability, and outstanding performance of our cryogenic valves in harsh environments and ultra-low temperatures. The quality of our cryogenic valves is guaranteed thanks to our extensive quality assurance and testing procedures.

For use, storage, and transportation of liquefied gasses (LNG, CNG, etc.) and hazardous materials, you can count on the dependability and quality of KP-LOK’s cryogenic valve solutions. Our innovative solutions lead the industry in advanced fitting and valve technology and will meet all the requirements and specifications for your project.

Visit our Cryogenics page to find out more about our experience and expertise in the cryogenics market. Alternatively, you can also use our online distributor locater for more information.

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