Check Valves

What is a check valve?

Check valves are basically the type of valves which prevent the backflow of the fluid or gas traveling through that specific pipeline. The liquids or gases flowing through non-return valves flow in asingle direction mainly. These poppet check valves consist of two openings which mainly allows the fluid or gas to enter from one end and leave from the other end.

Types of check valves:

Most of the check valves are mostly made of stainless steel which assures the durability of these stainless check valves.

There are several different non-return valve types, some of which are;

  • Ball check valve
  • Diaphragm check valve
  • Swing check valve
  • Lift check valve
  • In-line check valve
  • Poppet Check Valves

Ball check valve:

Ball check valve is mainly the type of check valve in which the fluid is usually stopped with the help of a ball. The ball is spring-loaded which helps to keep it shut. The main reason why these valves are most commonly used is that they are small, cheap and simple.

Diaphragm check valve:

A diaphragm check valve includes a flexing rubber diaphragm which is positioned mainly to create a closed valve. This pressure check valve works according to the principle that the pressure on the upstream should always be greater than the pressure on the downstream side in order to allow the flow.

Swing check valve:

Swing check valve is the type of check valve in which a disc swings on a hinge in order to prevent the backflow of the fluid or gas.

Lift check valve:

It is the type of check valve in which the disk (referred as alift in this case) can be lifted from higher pressure and also prevents any pressure regardless of forwarding pressure.

In-line check valve:

Its function is quite similar to that of the life check valve. The thing which distinguishes it from this from lift check valve is that in this the lift is moved by the spring.

Poppet Check Valves

Poppet check valves is one type of in-line check valve, similar to the lift check valve, with max pressure up to 6,000 psi, body material is stainless steel 316,end connection NPT and bsp,bspt.

Applications of check valve:

There are a lot of applications of these high-temperature valves. They can be used in several pipelines and pumps. Apart from this, they are best for domestic use as well as industrial processes. In an industry, they can be used in power plants and chemical plants while on the domestic level these high pressure one-way valves are used in irrigation sprinklers, drip irrigation and much more. Hydraulic jacks also use check valves for their functioning.

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