How Automatic Recirculation Valves Work

An automatic recirculation valve refers to a multifunctional valve which is majorly used to ensure a specific minimal flow is assured through a centrifugal pump every time. This is essential because a centrifugal pump suffers from cavitation and overheating and can be damaged permanently if they run dry. The abbreviation of Automatic Recirculation Control valve is ARC, this is a registered name and the function of the valve is the same as the AR valve.


How Ball Valves Works

ball valve

What are valves?

A valve is a mechanical device which blocks a pipe either completely or partially so as to change the quantity of fluid which passes through it. Whenever you turn on a faucet so as to brush your teeth, you are opening a valve which allows pressurized water to escape from the pipe. In addition to that, whenever the toilet is flushed, two valves are opened, one of which will allow the escape of water so that the pan can be emptied while the other which is called the ball valve would admit more water to enter the tank and prepare for the subsequent flush. (more…)

How Monoflange valve works


Monoflange valves are used as an alternative to a system which has multiple valves. They are designed specially to provide a compact installation for transmitter and gauge instruments. In an application where a monoflange is used, it is used toreplace other equipment. For instance, rather than having one valve and relying on it to close so that you can isolate the transmitter, two different valves can be used.
In such case, a monoflange valve would replace two different valves perfectly. With this, you won’t need to have two different valves but a single one. This is because the monoflange is composed of two different closed valves as well as a vent which is opened so as to limit the pressure which is between them. It also has a reduced weight as well as minimal leak paths thereby providing a higher integrity system. (more…)

How Needle Valve Works


Needle valves is a kind of valve designs which have atiny opening and also have a plunger which looks great and resemble the common type of sewing needle. The objective of this kind of valve is to pave a way by which gases or liquid which flow through the valve mechanism can be controlled. The flow rate can be adjusted to the desired amount, thus making the needle valve essential in various situations, including various kinds of engines.
Apart from the tapered plunger and elongation, a screw which fits into what is regarded as a seat is also included in a needle valve. (more…)

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