How double block and bleed valve Works

double block and bleed valve


There are several people out there who have misunderstood the term double block and bleed valves and find it very difficult to describe the functions of the valves. It seems that each and every valve buyer as well as manufacturers has a different view of the meaning of the term when selecting valve, and this can lead to a wrong type or specification of valve. There is also confusion in the oil and gas industry as a result of the definition which was given by two credible sources. Another confusion started when some people used them as double block and bleed and they are in need of a valve which has the capabilities of double isolation and bleed, the director of application engineering, Ron Manson explained the differences with respect to the definition and terms which are essential when it comes to the most appropriate valve to be used in a particular system. (more…)

How metering valve Works

metering valve

A metering valve is an appliance which is found in the braking system of a vehicle that has a front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. The distribution of pressure to the brakes is being controlled by the valves so as to stabilize the car when the brake is applied thereby increasing the braking and making braking safer. The metering valves can be located at different points where there is a braking system based on the model and maker, and may also be a part of a combination valve which is bigger and can be used for pressure regulation within the hydraulic braking system.

When the brakes are marched in a car, the hydraulic system will be activated and the pressure at their feet will be multiplied. (more…)

How Filter Works


The inline filters helps in the removal of system contaminants and also maintain the purity of fluid in instrumentation as well as process systems. Mesh and metal elements helps in trapping particles so as to protect the sensitive equipment such as analyzers and sensors. The inline filters are utilized in a system where a direct flow through the filter as well as compact size is needed.

The self-cleaning filter works in an amazing way and use the self-cleaning method to clear the filter mesh on each and every product. The filter pumps (submersible) as well as their filters will helps in producing backwash continuously so as to filter the content. (more…)

How Do Bellow Seal valves Work

bellow seal valves

There are different points in a pipeline which are found in a chemical plant that creates emissions. All the points where the leakage occurs can be detected by using different methods and instrumentation which a plant engineer need to note. The critical points where leakage occurs include the flanged gasket joints as well as the pump/valve gland packing, etc. Nowadays, most of the process industries are moving towards the use of safer technology so as to enhance the environmental protection and it has become a duty for the engineers to design plants which will helps in limiting the damage which occur in the environment by the prevention of leakage of oil, gases and other forms of toxic chemicals. (more…)

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