Bellows Valves

Valves are mechanical devices to control fluid or gas applications and they come in various types thus bellow valves are part of them. When theheavy material of hazards chemicals and alarge variety of toxic materials are being used In industries the pipelines need to be secured with bellow valves to get a safe side from leakage of such material which can cause damage to plant operators or the environment. If air enters through the glands leakage it could result in amassive explosion to both humans and nature.

Types of Bellow valves:

  • Cast steel valves
  • Ductile iron valve
  • Forged steel valve
  • stainless steel valve

Uses of Bellow valves:

  • The bellow valves is a total product for energy saving as it reduces external leakage.
  • When bellow valve is applied to the valve stem it covers the circumference hence reducing the leakage from gland


  • It helps saves energy as it has thefeature of controlling energy loss.
  • bellow valve is easy to maintain no tough job to handle it.

Types of industries in which bellow valves are used:

  • Petrochemical industry
  • General Industry
  • Electronics Industry
  • Vacuum Industry

Advantages of Bellow valves:

  • Reduction in gas leakage

    the bellow valves help in reduction of gas leakage from gland components

  • Energy Saver

    The energy loss due to leakage is controlled which helps to control global warming and hence protecting the environment

  • Very effective in preventing of minor leakage

    From lab experiments, it has concluded that bellow valves have a very low and minor degree of leakage

  • Extra odor and safety precautions

    Special safety measures are suited by the valves for flammable liquids, toxic and odor liquids,

  • Easy to maintain

    The valves give less stress to maintain as they are effective and reduce maintenancecost because the gland packing does not need to be regularly retorqued.

  • Maintains liquid quality

    The stems of valve and gland components are sealed with bellows to prevent contact with liquid in pipes,

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