Ball Valves

What is a ball valve?

A ball valve is spherical device that constitutes of a closure unit used to regulate and control the flow. A ball valve can be regarded as a mechanical device which functions as a guiding, modulating and directing device for the fluid flow. The fluid can include various types of liquids which may be flowing from different channels. They get their direction with different kinds of valves. The ball valve, as the name indicates has the general working done by a ball opening that is for the regulation of fluid. This ball opening is also known as the port.

Working of ball valves

All you have to do is turn the handle on the ball valve and it will open or close the port (has to be done manually). This way, the pressure from fluid way is controlled. Now this is how a ball valve works and the reason why it is preferred over the other valves is that it is highly durable and features perfect shutoff and shutdown. They have a bubble- tight sealing that provides another great reason to use them in the industrial processes.

Applications of Ball valves

In the gas applications, a tight shutoff is required and in such circumstances, there can be no parallel to the ball valves. Moreover, there is a chance that seats can be consistently worn out due to certain conditions and this is the reason why the ball valves are not considered to be a good option in throttling applications. Ball valves are also used in many other markets and applications just like industrial processes, gas processing, transmission and storage etc. The ball valves are also preferred because of their amazing leak protection features. This is why they are used in the gaseous applications because they have a very less pressure drop due to which they are easy to open and close.

Features of ball valves

There are various construction materials that can be used to make high pressure ball valves.There are versatile designs of these valves which can give perfect applications on instrument manifolds which need to have a longer service life and can sustain high temperature and pressure. The high temperature ball valves are also available in market which are also a great option to consider when going for any valve. In case, you require a valve for cryogenic applications, then again, the ball valves will come to your rescue and provide you with the best option to go for. The high- pressure ball valves are also used to keep compressed gas at a constant normal temperature through which they are made efficient.

Types of ball valves

Most of the times, ball valves are made with steel and the manufacturing can be performed even better if the valves are plated with nickel. The two- way ball valve is considered to be one of the most common and popular types of ball valves. In this type, the flow is allowed to travel absolutely linear from the inlet to exit. If you need to search the ball valves for any application, then you just need to search for them online and see if you can find the right size that you are looking for. You can also get various pressure ball valves that feature 2000 psi, 3000 psi, 6000 psi or 10000 psi,15000 psi. Moreover, the size range of ball valves is also impressive that will let you find the perfect ball valve that you might need for any application.
Most commonly, there are four body styles of ball valves that include the three- piece body, top- entry, fully welded and the split body. Difference between different types of ball valves lies in the fact that different pieces of valves can be made and assembled differently. However, the operation of the valves remains same in each of the ball valve types.

06SB Series Ball Valves

06SB series ball valve is specially designed with high quality materials and they are instrumental to a smooth and easy operation in various fields. The shut off ball valve has a compact shape which conforms from API to DIN standard and has been tested in the factory, and perfect for use in any field. two ways,3 way are available.

10SB series or 15SB Series High pressure Ball Valves

10SB series or 15SB series high pressure ball valves are engineered to offer top-notch quality for ultimate performance within various sizes from 1/8″,3/8,1/2″,3/4,1″ to 2 inch, styles full port or reduced ,and process connections, pressure rating are 10000 psi,15000 psi. A few unique design advancements include an integral trunnion mounted style ball and stem to eliminate shear failure, common with other models. A low-friction stem seal improves cycle life. two ways,3 way are available.


You can find ball valves easily that are made up of different materials just like stainless steel 304,stainless steel 316,duplex stainless steel, super duplex stainless steel, forged carbon steel, bronze, inconel, alloy C-276 Valves, alloy 400 Valves and the brass. two ways,3 way are available, If for some applications, the control systems installed are very complex, then the valves can use an actuator in order to regulate the fluid flow through the pipes. Actuator is operated by the help of motor or it can also be controlled through pneumatics. It is the job of the actuator to position this valve in an appropriate way and length. Therefore, if you want to install any valve in your industrial equipment, then that should be the ball valves keeping in view all the benefits that it has to offer.

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