About KP Lok

We are a global manufacturer of instrument valves and fittings for engineering and construction services industry. We have been in business for a while with, and our well-grounded experience enables us to serve the key players in the industry. The need to re-strategize for better service delivery is what birthed the determination to start the company while leveraging on the experiences and expertise gather through the many years of our operation in the industry. Currently, we are the industry leader in the supply of custom order pipe fittings in America. We are not just focused on providing custom order valves and fittings alone; we are also proficient in meeting emergency needs of our clients as well. Our products are popular within the industry as a whole as we regularly service orders from the upstream, midstream and downstream levels of the industrial sector. While we acknowledge that we are not the only valves and fittings manufacturer in business, we can, however, attest to the reliability, safety and premium performance of our products anywhere they are used. A company is nothing without having a system of values that define the organizational culture within the company; at KP-LOK, we ensure that quality, excellence and integrity are the guiding principles behind every aspect of our services from inception up till now and we do not intend to relent on any of these values anytime soon. We put our customers first in all we do because we value and treasure them based on our understanding that they are the very reason for our existence. There is no other fitting way for us to demonstrate our love and care for our clients and distributors other than to implement the best safety standards in the manufacturing of our products. Life is precious, and many times the quality of valves and fittings used in construction can determine not just the durability of the construction but also its effectiveness after installation. We are very careful to ensure that we comply with even the most stringent of standards available; all in the interest of our customers.

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