50MN Series 5 way manifold valves

50MN series manifold valves is works in pressure transmitter and the pressure rate can be up to 10000psi, the temperature range from -73 to 200 degree Celcius. This type of manifold has an equalizer valve, 2 block and test valves. 5 way valve manifold can be used to check zero transmitters by closing the block valve and then opening the equalizing valve. The five valve manifold concentrate on the function of interception, balancing and drain, they are also designed with high quality stainless steel which allows remote as well as direct mounting. It has a dust cap which prevents contamination on the operating thread. The packaging is also standard and it conforms with that of standard organizations.


  • Designed for connection system impulse line and transfer
  • Every valve is factory tested
  • Tee bar with easy maneuverability with a little effort
  • Color coded functional identification
  • Adjustable gland which is external
  • Stainless steel material is used as standard construction material but there are optional materials
  • PTFE packing standard with graphoil
  • Different kinds of terminal connections
  • The use of dust cap to prevent various forms of contaminations.


  • Pressure up to 15,000 Psi
  • Temperature rating PTFE packing from -73 to +200 degree Celsius
  • Temperature rating Graphoil packing from -54 to +510 degree Celsius
  • Standard orifice diameter of 4.0mm
  • Standard 316L stainless steel material


Just like the 3 valve manifolds, the 5 valve manifolds give engineer the ability to isolate various pressure instruments for removal without disturbing the process. In higher statistics, the equalization valve may be open during the installation so as to balance the pressure across ports and protect the DP instrument from pressure surge on one side of the instrument. You can also use the equalizing port for in-situ zeroing of other differential pressure instrument.

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